Every drop counts

The scale of waste generated in India is almost unparalleled. If each one of us contribute to generating less waste, it could make a difference of millions at large.

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Issues With Today's Food Waste Disposal System
  • Food Waste
  • Dustbin
  • Roadside Spillage
  • Landfills

By 2030

Total area under landfills in India would be as large as the
City of Bengaluru

By 2050

Total area under landfills in India would be as large as the
Delhi NCR

Impact of Landfills
1. Air Pollution Toxic Gases
2. Global Warming Green House Gases
3. Ground Water Contamination Carcinogens
4. Loss of Biodiversity 300 Species lost per Hectare
5. Soil Infertility No local vegetation
6. Foul Smell Nearby Area unliveable
7. Growth of Infectants Easy spread of diseases

All a result of mixing of Organic and Inorganic Waste

Landfills are not a solution - they are a problem in themselves

The Dustbin At Home:
A Micro-Landfill

Sample from dustbin not emptied for 5 days.
What the microbiologist found

Germ Description Danger Threshold Amount Found
Enterbacteriacea Can lead to serious
stomach upsets
1 million 4.3 million
E-coli Some strains cause illness
and gastrointestinal
100-1000 of
the harmful strains
Yeasts Can be harmful and also
causes food to rot
1,000 32 million
Bacillus cereus Can cause vomiting 1,500 1,200
Just like Landfills, Dustbins are NOT a Solution - They are a problem in themselves

Some Benefits For The Household

Happier, healthier and hygienic household + Savings in maintenance cost

Benefits Description
Convenience No need to collect, store or dispose food waste manually
Cleanliness Lesser waste in the kitchen
No foul odour Immediate disposal of waste leads to no overnight food waste in dustbins
Lesser insects and pests Cockroaches, flies, rats breed in the presence of food waste accumulation. This is significantly reduced
Lesser infection Germs breed in the presence of food left over areas. This is also reduced
Contribution to the environment Individuals feel a sense of pride by supporting the “No Food Waste to Landfills” movement
Lower society maintenance cost Food waste can be converted to electricity for society lighting. Lesser burden on apartment association to manually dispose waste – so lesser society costs

Some benefits for the Government and Community

1. No expense for door to door waste collection
2. No need to purchase bags for dustbin
3. Reduced manual labour and scavengers
4. Zero cost for transportation of food waste from home to collection center
5. No storage cost at processing cecnter
6. No spillage on streets
7. No smell and cleaner residential communties
8. Lesser insects and hygenic communities

Save Big by Installing a Disposer in Your Kitchen**

For 1 House (Projected Savings) Monthly Savings (Rs) Annual Savings (Rs)
Dustbin 400
Sanitary Bags 100 1200
Pest Control (Reduce from 3 times a year to 1 time a year) 1500
Lower Medical Expense (due to less infection in the house) 1500
Maintenance (Garbage collection) 150 1800
Maintenance (Society Cleaning) 150 1800
Maintenance Bill (Electricity from Biogas) 150 1800
Electricity -50
Water -30
Total Savings 9920

** Projected savings estimate for an average household

Life Cycle Of Food Wastage, Using Disposers

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