Monsoon and its Effect on Food Waste in India

India produces 67 Million1 tons of food waste annually. That’s the amount of food consumed in United Kingdom in a year2! More than half of the food waste in India takes place at home, but the increasing number of commercial establishments like fast food outlets, restaurants etc. also play a key role in contributing to the amount of food waste. When the food waste is not disposed off properly, it finds its way to the landfills where it causes a number of environmental and hygiene hazards. Food waste is dumped in the landfills all-round the year, but things gets worse with the arrival of monsoon.

Rains cause the food waste in the landfills to decompose quickly, and emit a pungent smell. When the rain water infiltrates the garbage, leachate is formed. Leachate is a liquid that leaches out of garbage. It affects the fertility of groundwater, and can be fatally dangerous if it gets mixed with drinking water bodies. Heavy rains displace the garbage on the landfills and clog the sewers, ultimately leading to floods.

We can’t stop monsoon but we can stop food waste from reaching the landfills. Of the many ways of disposing food waste, one of the most efficient ways is a food waste disposer. Once installed under the kitchen sink, food waste disposers grind food waste into tiny particles that can easily pass through the pipelines without getting clogged. All you have to do is, throw the wet waste down your sink, one by one, run cold water, press the button, and voila! All the waste is disposed off instantly.

Why Food Waste Disposers are the best way to deal with food waste during monsoon?

It takes an apple core two-months3 to decompose on a landfill while food waste disposers deal with all of your food waste in matter of seconds. Less food waste on the landfills means reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fewer outbreaks!

People globally are opting for InSinkErator food waste disposers over garbage bins, as they are hassle free and save a lot of time. With all the food waste going into the disposer, your dustbin only has dry waste with no foul odour, making your task of emptying the dustbin less of an emergency.



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