Save Time, Use Food Waste Disposers!

Indians spend 13.2 hours* a week in the kitchen. That’s the most amount of time spent in the kitchen worldwide. Majority of the time spent in the kitchen is employed in cooking and cleaning. With the rate at which India is developing, our lives have become fast paced too, thus, it is crucial to reduce the time spent in the kitchen. While the time spent on cooking has reduced ten folds over the years, we can’t say the same thing about our old kitchen cleaning ways.

Back in the days, it took women 15 days a year to just collect firewood to light their traditional stoves. The traditional stoves took hours to cook food and lacked proper ventilation. Today, we own induction cook stoves with proper exhaust systems. We have microwave ovens that are capable of reheating frozen food instantly with ease, we invented refrigerators that saved more time by enabling us to pre-cook our meals once a day, we now have dishwashers to clean utensils with the press of a button, and if that wasn’t enough, we have chopping machines, roti-making machines and what not. This is the beauty of technology which makes life convenient.

While refrigerators, electric mixers and microwave ovens quicken the process of cooking, we need to bring about the same quickness in the process of cleaning post cooking. Currently, it still takes the same amount of time to clean our kitchen as it did a decade ago. Our orthodox way of dustbin dumping not only wastes time, but is unhygienic as well. On an average, people spend 20 minutes daily to clean their kitchens. That’s about 2 hours weekly!

To reduce the time spent on cleaning, people globally are opting for food waste disposers like InSinkErator, over garbage bins for disposing food waste. InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer is a revolutionary technology that instantly disposes off all kinds of wet waste in your house, and reduces the clean-up time post cooking into half! It is the most efficient, eco-friendly way of dealing with food waste, making the whole kitchen experience hassle free, stress resistant and clean!


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